Nike Sportswear x 290 Square Meters x Appletree Records

Inspired by Nike and Loopwheeler, beat collective Pêche Noire held a studio session in honor of the craftsmanship of the creation of Nike AW 77 sweater by Loopwheeler in Japan.

Pêche Noire consists of producers Beau Love, Sotu the Traveller and Louis Bordeaux, all signed to the Amsterdam-based record label Appletree Records, who, in collaboration with 290 Square Meters, were on board with the project. In the Delta Beats studio, the three Dutch beatmakers created a musical piece using Japanese samples and drums, with the same care and attention to detail that goes into the Nike AW 77.

The Loopwheeler track can be downloaded for free via the Appletree Podcast.

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