Nike x Rafael Nadal & Roger Federer Roland Garros 2010 Packs

Modern tennis’s most closely matched rivals, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, both get their own packs ahead of the 2010 French Open with these Roland Garros packs from Nike. Nadal, a passionate player who is unbeatable on clay court, gets a modern collection, with a pair of Nike Air Court Ballistec 2.3’s, with Nike Dri-Fit shirt and shorts, perfect for a player who like Rafa, whose earned his chops grinding away at opponents in the hot clay courts of Madrid and Paris.

Federer gets a classic collection, with a Dri-Fit polo embroidered with his own monogram. Some might call it cocky, but the winner of 16 Grand Slams in seven years can afford to get cocky. Federer’s pack comes with a Lunarlite Vapor Tour for increased stability, well-suited to Federer’s ability to dictate pace and command a game from the first serve.

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