N.Hoolywood x Undercoverism T-shirts

N.Hoolywood, the Tokyo-based company famous for morphing old things into new apparel, has, in collaboration with Undercoverism, produced a unique t-shirt collection for spring / summer 2010. These t-shirts are a graphic hybrid of trademark logos from both companies, and they come in four styles, with gray, black and white colorways to chose from. The gray model isn’t our favorite but we are particularly fond of both white t-shirts – the boombox image and the surrealist inspired logo would be a good match for on any DJ, graffiti artist or dare we say, you!

Diana Fourka

Diana Fourka

Diana Fourka

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  1. Really unique. To take a logo and be able to turn it into wearable art that would appeal to a lot of people takes a lot of creativity. Good stuff.

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