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Hey Format readers,

This is Jules, aka jules tha cool manchu. This May 2007, Format will launch a fashion column, and yours truly has been chosen as the columnist!

So, you got a question about the kufiiyah or the pinwheel cap? Wondering if you should go hipster or cos-play? When is it really the right time to wear gold lame tights? Maybe you don’t even know what lame even is. Any question you got, I’ll give it to you straight.

Questions like, “Is it wrong for big girls to wear low-rise jeans?” or “How high should my G-string show out of my ass?” Don’t ask me about obvious shit like this pleaaase. This isn’t “Dear Abby” don’t get it twist.

Sometimes I may be harsh, but just call me the Dr. Phil of Fashion, the Maury Povich of Vogue, the Montel Williams of the Wardrobe, or maybe the Martha Stewart of Stylin’ (hmm too much?). Call me whatever the hell you want just hit me up with some questions! HOLLERRRR!

Jules is a wardrobe stylist who has been published magazines including: Maclean’s, Fuel, Peace, Vice, Strut and more. She has also given fashion advice in Vervegirl Magazine, she is a personal shopper and stylist to the stars (of the streets).

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  1. loves it…

    Q: when can i stop wearing freakin’ beachwear?!?

    A: 1 month – comin’ home may 3-10! can give you some thailand tips if you’re still around.

  2. Douglas Haddow says:

    yo, I’m into streetwear, but I’m also heavy into football. No, not the homoerotic (not that there’s…) pantomime that yanks play on monday nights…real football.

    so I like to wear track suits and slick my hair back and drink loads of danish strong ale and chat up brazillian birds at super-chach discotecks, maybe some ching here and there, nothing serious though, you know, loads of weed and winning 11 on a nightly basis.

    how can I resolve my love for such things with a slick “street” aesthetic?



  3. what do you think of all the glittery clothes that’s supposed to be so hot right now? Is it a fad that will quickly fade? I hope so.

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