Manifesto Festival 2008 – Us & Them

Manifesto Festival and Ignite the Americas are proud to present the Us & Them Exhibition opening party on September 19th 2008. In celebration of 10 years as Canada’s leading street art organization, the reunion show features a myriad of wildly talented individuals displaying their chops with various media. Special guests Dstrbo and Starship of HVW8 will take part in this exhibition as will Skam and Elicser.

Guests can look forward to other themed collections such as Notes, which sees over 30 artists re-interpreting the bank note. There will also be an exploratory installation piece developed by the Z’otz* Collective. Alongside this specially designed installation is another colab titled the Puzzle Piece that aims to unite a group of Toronto artists in creating a single piece of art.

Us & Them is open to the public from September 20th-30th 2008 at the Well And Good Art Space (Burroughes Building, 3rd Floor – 639 Queen Street West)

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