Manifesto Festival 2008 – Film Festival

The Manifesto Film Festival showcases three films in this second annual running of the film festival. Hosted at the Royal Ontario Museum on September 18th 2008 the event opens with an invite only screening of the Manifesto Documentary preview (email for guestlist) at 7pm. That screening is followed by 4Real: City of God (Mos Def rolls into Rio’s infamous City of God with Sol Guy …). This film will be introduced by Co-creator Josh Thome after which Falcão: Meninos do Tráfico (MV Bill’s Falcão reveals the daily routine of boys involved in the drug trade…) will play. The third and final screening Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme (this explosive documentary is packed with rare and archival footage of some of the most amazing MC’s…) starts at 11pm; a Q&A session with director Kevin Fitzgerald will follow.

Tickets are $10 for film admission and available through Live Stock, Play De Record, Slinky / MOOG, Soundscapes, LOUNGE (155 John)

September 18th 2008 from 7pm at the Royal Ontario Museum 100 Queen’s Park (Bloor & Avenue).

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