Kevin Peterson ‘Graffiti Girls’ Series

Houston based artist Kevin Peterson has created a series of visually stunning painting called ‘Graffiti Girls’. The oil paintings combine landscapes focused on street art with young girls in the foreground, rendered in astonishing photo-realistic detail. Peterson’s combination of themes in Graffiti Girls is both aesthetically seamless and brilliantly executed.


  1. wouldn’t mind seeing some girls of colour…think it’d make the series more bad ass…*shrugs*…just sayin’.

  2. Nope, I think they’re just perfect the way they are. Just the way the artist intended them to be.
    To be honest, the contrast of graffiti and (to use Nadine’s terms) non-color girls is what makes it so interesting. Let’s face it… color, graffiti… we see that every day don’t we?
    *shrugs*…just sayin’.

  3. I think the model in there now look like they are a little special.Lmao They look like they rode the short bus. I dont think its are when the background is better than the models. *Shrugs*…Just sayin’.


    Erik Everlast Schrody September 16 at 5:43pm
    I sent dude 7 grand for a Black 4ft kaws and never got the piece kept getting excuses and when they couldn’t deliver send they would wire my refund back and now Jason has been ducking me telling all kinds of lies about where my bread is please help spread the word on this cat and his thieving gallery

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