KDU X Diesel. “Only The Brave” Expo NYC.

*Don’t forget to Click each image for Zoom View.
Just got home from a NYC cameo for the KDU X Diesel “Only The Brave” Expo last night in Soho. Good people. Good drinks. Amazing art. Good times! I’ve scoured Google in search of the thousands of pictures I know were taken last night, and have yet to find professional quality shots of the artwork. So here are my amateur photos of the art, and when I come across better ones I will link it up.
It seems most of the camera flashes were focused on other subjects, and I can’t blame them. Like Whoa! To my fellow KDU homies in this show, I am sorry I can’t do this thorough and plug your name and country, I am simply too hung over and can’t remember everyone’s specifics. But when another website hooks it, I will link it.
Big thanks to The KDU + Sub Rosa + Diesel for having us on board with this Expo, and the Miami stop next week (May 5th). The show turned out great. I wish these photos could portray the sheer size of the gallery and the impact of the art. Everyone was shook!

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