Kanye’s Pastelle Hoodie Preview

Kanye’s Pastelle Hoodie Preview

Everyone is all a buzz about Kanye making an appearance at Fashion Week in Paris, sporting a hoodie from his upcoming Pastelle collection. The hoodie features a few pop colors on the full-zip hood, shark fin shoulder and elbow patches, as well as an actual shark fin on top of the hood. Just like anything else Kanye is apart of, this specific piece of apparel has debuted to mixed reviews. But let us be honest, regardless if you love it or hate it, this Pastelle hoodie will be on every suburban youngster’s wish list, similar to the LRG “Dead Serious” hoodie.

Info. Image: LA Times

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  1. I cant wait to see what Kanye’s line looks like. From the looks of it i can tell its going to be dope although im still buggin about the name.

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