Justin Melnick’s “Arm Me” Exhibit

Justin Melnick is a digital artist/ photographer whose latest work is featured in an exhibition titled, Arm Me. Having spent some time in the Middle East, Melnick has imagined what war arms would look like if some of the most renowned designers like; Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, and Pucci had input. The outcome is a thought-provoking series of posh ammunition, definitely worth a peek. This exhibition starts September 2nd at Gallery 385 in New York City.

Info. Image: Josh Spear

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  1. shannon O'rourke says:

    Hi! Your friend Jason recommened I take a look at your work..My family too is in Photography..my father is J Barry O’Rourke,who at his time was a talented,professional commercial,editorial,semi director,great Photographer..who envisioned one day photography would go computorized and started Comstock,which has been sold to Corbis..Lucky him! Then my Uncle Gene was a well known rep in his time:Avedon,Scavulo,Art Kane,Steve Prezant and many others but was hiding he was an accomplished writer..his ex wife,Corey Preston is with Dieter Eisch who runs Wilhimina models and she oversees development.
    At the moment I’m doing a Coffe table book with my brother (who is an accomplished archecticical photgrapher)on BachelorPads..with Hugh Hefner writing a brief introduction and at the moment I have quite alot of confirmed and shot high profile,interesting Bachelors! Enough said? Would love to hear your intake!
    My best, Shannon O’Rourke Signorini

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