I Am Plastic


Kid Robot has reached their toy craze pinnacle with their book I Am Plastic.

The book has the feel that they are to be the center of the room. In reality a smoking “Dunny” is bound to be the point of focus in any setting.

Written by Kid Robot founder and creative director Paul Budnitz, but Kid Robot is far from his only venture. He’s worked as a photographer, a film maker, and a screenwriter. Budnitz has owned three businesses and even worked as a database programmer writing engineering software.

If you’ve been in a Kid Robot store more than once you know that almost no two are alike, so the book is a must have for collectors and fans globally. Each and every creation has a different back ground that anyone who spends long enough looking at can see in the sparkle of every Dunny’s eyes.

Personally I’m a Tofu-man fan, because he’s has a bite out of him, and really you know he’s saying “I don’t taste so good”.

Available November 2nd, this “hardcover museum quality” book is 360 pages of designer toys from around the globe.

That’s today at Kidrobot.com.

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