HAL x New Balance Day And Night Pack

Even though they’re found in one of the world’s most isolated cities (only just edged out by some minor village in sub-zero Russia, probably) Perth sneaker boutique Highs and Lows are making a name for themselves as capable producers of the hottest boutique collaborations going. After their sensational “Cherry Ripe” release with Reebok last year, the shop has been pinged again to come up with the goods, this time by New Balance, with whom they produced this Day And Night NB CM577.

Featuring two pairs of sneakers, the Day and Night Pack shows that HAL has permanently dismissed any chance of being a one-hit wonder, with the “Day” set dropping jaws in a heartbreaking baby blue inspired by the wide open blue skies of Western Australia. The “Night” features “starlight-like” speckles on the sole with slightly more subdued tones, suave enough even to get by the bouncers of certain nightclubs. Japanese retailer Mita has first dibs but stay tuned for the drop at other spots (if you’re lucky).




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