This Giveaway Is Closed

This Giveaway Is Closed – Thanks to all of you who commented.

Format, in collaboration with Aknowledge are proud to announce a full outfit giveaway ahead of the launch of the new web site and premium denim collection. Simply write one sentence about your favourite look from the new collection on in the comments section below this post and stand the chance of winning 1 of 5 complete outfits from Aknowledge…


  1. My favorite thing about the line has got to be the dark color ways, the denim looks phenomenal, with the colors that seamlessly match the wash.

  2. I’m really diggin the flannel shirts and the jean jackets , has that kanye feel , relaxed cool cat look.

  3. Jenna Dalgety says:

    The high fade on those dark denim jeans is just right. Goes up high enough to give the wearer a look to set them apart, and still maintains that nice, deep fade around the knees and thighs to give them that touch of home that people want in their denim.

  4. I live in the queen city, Buffalo NY and one thing that reigns supreme here is plaid/flannel shirts and newera(home of newera). Last party i went to there was atleast 20 dudes wearing plaid buttondowns, the buttondowns in collection 5 and 9 would surely set any G apart from the rest,you just dont see patterns like that. honestly i think the button down in 5 and the pants in 9 would go together better, but the one thing there both missing is a fitted which is most definitely needed to complete the look. -AGE GQ VC 716

  5. the 12th is the best. i always loved black and grey combinations, and with these colorful shoes… it’s even more better.

  6. The best is look number One and the way it blends old-school class with something a little different, It will definitely get you noticed on the street but you can take the look seamlessly into somewhere more formal and still look stylish and unique.

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