Gary Baseman Hotchachacha Vinyl Toy

According to prolific artist and designer toy mastermind Gary Baseman, the devil wears… well, nothing. Or, so he’d have us believe with his newest vinyl offering, the pink Hotchachacha. Standing at 6 and 1/2 inches tall, this unibrowed devil-meets-chupacabra is being labelled as haute couture, and comes packaged complete with a stylized pink coffin. Despite the frilliness of the package, the figure is consistent with the dual nature of much of his work, combining cute with macabre (see: his ‘Venison’ exhibit, which depicts some of the most sordidly adorable Bambi-cide the world’s ever witnessed). With only 500 made, check Baseman‘s site for ordering info – and make sure to check some of his work along the way.

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