Fridge Rapper Drawing Competition – Win an iPod


Down at the Format office our fridge is suffering from seasonal affective disorder, um SAD =(

To cure our fridge we’re opening the Fridge Rapper Drawing Competition! We want your best compositions of your favo(u)rite rappers to place on our SAD fridge. Format’s special judges (more on them later!) will choose the winner of a 30 GB iPod.

The deadline for rapper drawings is February 15 and our special judges will pick a winner by February 25, 2007.

– Use Crayloas to draw
– Use 8 X 11 blank white paper
– Use ANY rapper(s)

– Scan entries at 300dpi and email them to or
– For mail entries please use:

Format Magazine
96 Alcina Ave.
Toronto, ON
M6G 2E8


  1. I saw the add about this contest and got excited, but I came back to the site today, and read the details over and see $125(CND) via street deals, left ear bud is iffy, everything else is primo! is BRAND SPANKIN’ new.

    my questions are: What is the name of this model? You bought it off the streets? What do you mean by the left ear being iffy, if it’s brand new?
    Does primo mean brand new in the box ?

  2. Yaoooooo

    OK, this is the deal.

    You can be from China, India, Canada, Rome, shit you can be from Mars, just draw the pictures!

    Originally, an iPod that was wheel’d and deal’d via street deals was up for grabs, HOWEVER, I HAVE A BRAND NEW ONE FOR THE CONTEST.

    YES, BRAND NEW, LIKE FROM A BOX. PLASTIC, FOAM and all that bad shit for our ozone layer.

    YOU WANT A MODEL NUMBER, go to Apple’s website, because I don’t have the time! Serious, it is not a Nano, it is not first generation. It is the shit you pay $400 for at Best Buy – yes it plays videos.

    This was the WORD from the person who made the contest, I, JRDN C.

  3. hello!
    i`m from russia…
    and i wonder what does mean “crayloas”? can i use common pencils to draw, huh?
    also if i send my work to you by mail (due to unknown 300dpi format) how much time will it take (i mean does it make sense, will i b on time up to Feb 25)?
    thanks alot

  4. Allexay,
    By Crayolas he means crayons, like what kids use to draw because they cant use markers, they come in over one hundred colors, made out of wax! So you CANT use pencils. Also 300dpi means 300 dots per inch which is a measure of printing resolution, which means you CANNOT send it through the mail, you have to send it through the internet. I hope you understand now!

  5. who knew this was going to be such a complicated contest. JUST FREAKIN DRAW sumthing people!!

    Sendin mines in soon.

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