FORMAT HIRING: Web Channel Editor (Toronto, Canada)

Position Summary:
Working at the Groundwave Media Group office in Toronto, Channel Editors are solely responsible for the curation and development of editorial content on four of our web properties.

Major Responsibilities:
* Curate news content for four Groundwave Media web properties (examples:,,,,
* Write, edit, and post news content for respective properties.
* Curate daily feature content for respective properties.
* Write, edit, and post feature content for respective properties.
* Track technical issues encountered for later review with Editorial or Technical Director.
* Manage bi-weekly review sheets and monthly meetings with Editorial Director to report on progress.
* Management of interns and contributors.

Required Skills/Knowledge:
* Passionate about men’s life/style movements, including but not limited to: style (menswear, streetwear), street culture (sneakers, lowbrow, etc.), art+design, film+tv, geek (gadgets, video games, etc.)
* Strong taste level in-line with editorial focus.
* Detail-oriented.
* Ability to juggle multiple tasks effectively.
* Excellent computer skills including WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, and basic HTML.
* Team player, self-motivated and goal oriented.
* Must have strong communication skills (verbal and written).
* Understanding of web-friendly content and self-editing to a publishable standard.
* Basic management and project management.

Experience Needed:
* 1-3 years of editorial or web experience.
* Bachelor’s Degree preferred, but not required.

Please Note:
* The position advertised is not for our current properties, but for a new similar channel we are developing.
* The position advertised is entry level and only requires 30 hours per week (Monday to Friday 10am-4pm).
* Submit your resume, cover letter, and samples to

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