Fokofpolisiekar – The Movie

Fokofpolisiekar is a full-length documentary film that tells the story of a South African rock band like none the country (or any other) has seen before. Controversial at best, Fokof as it is affectionately known, is one of South Africa’s most watched groups. The media love the band member’s brash attitudes, the fans love the angst filled music and punk rock attitude whilst the conservative minority fear the band’s power to change years of religious and authoritarian indoctrination. It’s ability to turn any show into all out chaos has made the band one of the most popular live acts in South African music history. Formed in 2003, the 5-piece Afrikaans rock group has managed to not only change the way people perceive music in that country, they’ve also given a voice to thousands of kids who feel angry and frustrated by the system. Produced by Fly On The Wall Productions, the film will premier at this year’s Encounters Documentary film festival in Cape Town, South Africa. Fokofpolisiekar – forgive them for they know not what they do…

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  1. teka_shogun says:

    none is misspelled, or are you just trying to push the boundaries like this rock band. . .

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