Filipe Soares ‘Floating Dreams’ Miniature Series

Portuguese artist Filipe Soares has created this wonderfully detailed and whimsical series of miniatures titled ‘Floating Dreams.’ The pieces, which demonstrate Soares ability to produce aesthetically pleasing scenes above and beyond the added factor of its size, convey numerous scenes of human interaction ranging from the biblical to capitalist. The artistic talent Soares exercises in these pieces is clearly far from miniature.


  1. Nice. But derivative, no? Especially the miniature scenes that I know of two artists that do…and even the “yeah but you didn’t'” speech bubble -based on a meme floating around online. Look both up.

  2. Very Good and fresh! Love it!

    And Mike.. I have seen that “yeah but you didn’t” online but nevertheless, its a brilliant way to show it.

    Like Picasso once said:

    “Good artist copy, great artists steal”

    “Picasso hardly meant that great artists steal popular designs whose original source is known to everyone. What Picasso did mean was that great artists rummage through the great junk heap of lost, bypassed, and forgotten ideas to find the rare jewels, and then incorporate such languishing gems into their own personal artistic legacy.”
    By the way… what two artists are you referring?

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