FATSARAZZI’s ‘Night & Day’ At La Drogheria Paris


Fats Shariff better known as FATSARAZZI will be holding a Night & Day exhibit at La Drogheria of Paris. Shariff is a London-based photographer, who was once part of the corporate team at street wear label Gimme 5. This experience at Gimme 5 gave him a solid fashion foundation, and this, paired with his natural fascination with city life, has evolved into a remarkable photography career. With over twenty two years of experience working in street culture, now, you’ll have a chance to appreciate his best works in Paris, during his “Night & Day” exhibit at La Drogheria, opening on January 23rd, 2010.

La Drogheria
68 Rue Quincampoix

Diana Fourka

Diana Fourka

Diana Fourka

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