Evolve Vinyl Toy Display Case

We know how passionate vinyl-toy addicts can be with their beloved. If you’re getting carpal tunnel syndrome for rapid-fire left mouse-clicks trying to secure limited-run figures, there’s no doubt that you’d want to protect – and show off – some of your best pieces. Evolve understands the dilemma, releasing a stackable set of cases meant specifically for vinyl figures. Made with acrylic, and lined with velvet, these display cases are sized at 5-1/2″x5-1/2″x9-5/8″. Head to DKE for the scoop.

Mark Teo

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  1. Tried to head to DKE through the link.. but cant see anything about these caases. Too bad since they’re pretty sweet.
    Anyone know the right link??

  2. I can’t find them either…Bummer, because they look like they would be nice for some figures that won’t fit in my main case.

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