Ellesse Tennis Art Competition


Classic Italian sportswear brand Ellesse is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year, andb to commemorate it, they’re reinventing their image, populist-style. Nodding to their humble roots in tennis, they’re looking for aspiring artists to create new designs for them. Not without compensation, of course – they’re offering €4,500 for the winner and a trip to Rome this summer for the unveiling of their work. If it’s looking up your alley, get the full details right here.

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  1. And here’s bullet point #6 in the Terms and Conditions.

    6. Ellesse shall own the entire copyright and all other rights in and to all of the entries to the Competition. By entering the Competition, entrants irrevocably grant and assign to Ellesse all rights in their entries and agree specifically to Ellesse’s unrestricted use of the same for Ellesse’s own purposes in all activities including, without limitation, marketing, promotion, distribution and sale worldwide as Ellesse sees fit, without any further payment or acknowledgement to the entrants. All copyright, intellectual property rights and all other proprietary rights whether now known or in the future created shall vest in Ellesse which it shall be solely entitled to register or otherwise protect at its own expense. By entering this Competition, you irrevocably assign to Ellesse all right, title and interest in and to all such intellectual property rights. You will co-operate fully in obtaining such registrations or other protection and shall execute such documents as Ellesse requires in order to give effect to this paragraph.


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