Eddie Bauer x Nigel Cabourn F/W 2012

Just like you should buy your cigars from Cuba and your vodka from Russia (really advocating a healthy lifestyle here), if you want a decent winter jacket, for goodness sake, get it from Canada. We’ve seen a preview of what’s to come from the outdoor brand Eddie Bauer x English brand Nigel Cabourn for next winter, and not only is it all gorgeous, all of it is made in Canada. You will be lucky if anybody lets them leave the country though, any Canadian worth their salt can see this is a jacket for when things get serious.




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  1. You know Eddie Bauer’s an American company, right? Founded by an American, in America, and headquartered in America.

  2. Erik R. Adler says:

    Yes! but this particular collection – a collab between an American & a British outfit – happens to be made in Canada!

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