Dutchmassive-“The Drumlove EP”

Dutchmassive-“The Drumlove EP”

Dutchmassive has been producing music for over a decade, and is the force behind “The HobbyShop Hero” blog. Recently Dutchmassive has compiled and released The Drumlove EP, which is a 25-minute instrumental compilation that sets the tone for his upcoming projects. The Ep –available through Dutchmassive’s myspace- has been described as futuristic, jazzy, and mellow. Go and give it a listen, you may find a new favorite track.

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    (http://www. sendspace. com/file/995cds) <~~ (DOWNLOAD LINK)

    (The Drumlove EP) – Produced by Dutchmassive

    or head over to http://www.RAPPERSIKNOW.com to Download “The Drumlove EP”

    (http://www.sendspace.com/file/s6x4bl) <~~ (DOWNLOAD LINK)

    (IMPORTANT UPDATE – This is A Revised Link to my CYS album, The original would not Unzip. This should work Fine.)

    Rawkus presents….Crush Your System – DUTCHMASSIVE
    Digital Album Available : I Tunes, Amazon, Zune, Rhapsody, etc. Via RAWKUS RECORDS

    01 – “Crush Your Intro” – produced by RoxStar w/ cuts by Dutchmassive

    02 – “Ghibli” – produced by Dutchmassive

    03 – “Show me” – produced by Funkghost

    04 – “Vibrate” – produced by SlopfunkDust
05 – “I want Her” – produced by Cliffnotes / “Beat Tape Interlude” – produced by Dutchmassive

    06 – “Far Away” – produced by Rik Marvel
07 – “Positive Contact!” (f/ Main) – produced by Dutchmassive w/ cuts by Dj Balance

    08 – “Better Man” (f/ Median & Von Pea) – produced by ILLMind w/ cuts by Dj Ragz
09 – “7th Day” (f/ Will Widdoss) – produced by RoxStar
    10 – “Kill em in 8bit” – produced by Samiyam
    11 – “The Main Vein” (f/ NapsNDreds) – produced by Mo0 the Beatfanatic /”Launch” Ver 3.0 – produced by Dutchmassive

    12 – “Blood Rush” (f/ Buff1) – produced by Sebmaestria

    13 – “Life Lines” (f/ Surreal) – produced by Surreal & Dutchmassive – cuts by Dj Balance
14 – “Butterflies” – produced by Dela / “She’s Ansi” & “Ghost in the shell” – produced by Dutchmassive

    15 – “Kelleys Dream” – produced by Dutchmassive
    Bonus tracks – taken from the mixtape (album between album) “Project: REACH”

    16 – “Project: Intro” – Produced by Dutchmassive
    17 – “Project: REACH” – Produced by Madlib
    18 – “Little Drummer Boi” – Produced by Natural Resource
    19 – “Art of the Collar Pop” – Produced by Tzarism
    20 – “Season Emcee” – Produced by Dj Spinna / Produced by J Dilla
    21 – “When Life Throws you lemons, Make Juicy Jazz” – Produced by Oddisee
    22 – “My Apology” – Produced by MF DOOM & 9th Wonder
    23 – “Project: Outro” – Produced by Dutchmassive
    24 – “Dream Suite” – Produced by Take
    25 – “Shipping & Handling” (2 beats) – Produced by Dutchmassive
    26 – “Love is complicated tommorow – St mic (feat. Dutchmassive & Unknown) – Produced by Unknown
    27 – “Love is complicated today – St Mic (feat. Dutchmassive & Mudd) – Produced by Mudd
    28 – “Get it on” – Muneshine (feat. Fresh Daily & Dutchmassive) – Produced by Mudd


    (http://www. sendspace. com/file/0uvg3y) <~~ (DOWNLOAD LINK)

    TheHobbyshopHERO – Act I “March of the Goonies”

    Running Time: 41 mins 56 secs

    “Fascenations” – Rythm Hut ( f/ DutchMassive – Produced by Celph Titled
    “Yikes!” – Scienz of Life ( f/ MF DOOM)
    “Avengers” – Mr Lif ( f/ Akrobatik)
    “Mulitple Power ups” – ???????
    “Warp to level 8″ – Benefit
    “BoomStick” – (DoubleDragNbass) – ???????
    “Fortruss” – Walkmen Produced by Celph Titled
    “Kill em in 8-bit” – Dutchmassive Produced by Samiyam
    “Be Alert” – 7L & Esoteric
    “Chump” – Oh No
    “The Ride” – Oh No
    “Immortal” – Apathy
    “Bring it on” (remix) – Organized Konfusion
    “Mind Tricks” – Supernatural
    “Raw D*ck Sh*t” – Tame One
    “Put your quarter up” – Slug, Aesop Rock, MF DOOM
    “Pulse Cannon” – Mr Lif
    “Smart Bomb” – Safiir
    “Metal Gear” – Cannibal Ox
    “Offspring” – Del (feat. El-P)


    Most People that spend this much time on this much material do everything possible to gain monetary rewards for their hard work.

    Dutch on the other hand is trying a different approach and giving away 3 Separate projects that focus on 3 different talents/skills (A Production showcase, A Mixtape, And A Full Length Album.
    All Tho the album “Crush Your System” can be purchase virtually anywhere on the World wide Web you can download Mp3’s and The CD Version will be released before the end of the year. He Still chooses to spread his work of love free of charge. With the single hope you will enjoy it and spread it to any and everyone who you believe would enjoy it as well.

    If you have Myspace, Copy and Paste This all Into a Bulletin and Or Blog,
    If you have a website… Put the Drumlove up for Download,
    If your a DJ, well you get the Idea…… 2008 is the year of the FREE MUSIC CAMPAIGN…..

    2009 be on the lookout for the following projects from Dutchmassive

    “Music 2 Sleep To”
    “The NEXT Final Fantasy”


    (Click on the photo above to Download “The DrumLove EP” for Free)

    THE HOBBYSHOP HERO presents… “The DrumLove EP

    (designed exclusively for the Blogosphere & beyond)

    After a decade of releasing music on various formats such as Cassettes, CD, Vinyl/Wax Dutchmassive has spent the last 6 months planning a new form of attack (free digital downloading).

    The Drumlove EP (running time 20:24 min) is A instrumental Project designed by Dutchmassive, to spread Throughout the WorldWideWeb. It has quickly become a Staple among the Online Music & Fashion Magazines and its making its way thru the Blogosphere as you are reading and listening at this very moment.DOWNLOAD IT / DUB IT / BLOG IT / SEND IT / POST IT / LOVE IT / LOATHE IT / HATE IT. Just be sure to listen to it all the way thru.



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