Dunk Low – Safari Pack

Dunk Low-Safari Pack

Take a walk on the wild side. Literally. The safari pack Dunks appear as if they were found somewhere deep in the jungle. The exotic kicks are unlike many which certifies them as exclusive. With the right fit, someone could really set it off. Leopards, and Tigers, and Snakes, oh my!

Info.Image: High Snobiety

Makula Dunbar
Hey Everyone!As my name displays I'm Makula Dunbar. I am a person who loves music, fashion, Hip-Hop culture and everything in between. I love to write, and I am very happy to be contributing to the Format movement.
Makula Dunbar

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  1. whoever would drop hundreds of dollars on these deserves to get their ass beat. This shit is like a pair of red jeans or something, the only way you could pull it off is if you had a zubaz jumpsuit with a chip n pepper hat and a Y2K watch or something. A fuckin’ clown suit maybe with a velour dunce cap and two bottles of Alize’

  2. “Look at his shoes. Girl, he must be a rock star!”
    -I’m gonna get you sucka!

    Where do the fish go?

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