Drake ft. Trey Songz – Replacement Girl Video

Directed by STIRLINGâ„¢ of the Foundation Creative Group from Toronto, Ontario, the highly anticipated debut single/video “Replacement Girl” by Drake has arrived in style! This lifestyle performance piece references iconic designer Jonathan Adler and award winning design, fashion and lifestyle publication Wallpaper*. Director STIRLING explains his approach to his impressions: “I’m always trying to reach the leaders and taste makers with design, fashion and art cues while still appealing to the masses with strong colour theory and appropriate finishings. Some might not gather all the small intricate details at first because they are used to the broad strokes of the typical rap video. Where as I speak visually with layers and detailed specifics. My aim is with this attention, the viewers taste levels are heightened by pieces like this and in doing so I feel I have raised the taste I.Q. of the masses.”


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