Doen’t bee Dum


Admit it. You’re supposed to be doing homework right now, aren’t you? Come on… you can tell us. We’re friends, damnit.

As your friends, we really couldn’t give a shit if you do finish that term paper on time or not – we’re not your parents - but we don’t want any of you fine, young folks walking around uninformed or unable to debate the merits of the latest hot-button issue, either. All said, please allow us to introduce Globaloop, a KarmaloopTV news segment that launched late last fall.

Globaloop is YOUR news on YOUR terms; no talking-head psychobabble found on network news, no commercials, no bullshit – and it’s just a few clicks of the mouse away.

Globaloop breaks down for you like this:

Global Journal presents an in-depth look at one specific issue, be it art and activism with Obey’s Shepard Fairey or a look at the oppressive regime in Burma;

The Rundown is where MindRite‘s Jose puts on his best Ron Burgundy face and give you the week’s skinny in an ADD-friendly time frame;

Quickies, like a romp in the janitor’s closet between study hall and lunchtime, is ultimately dirty yet wholly-satisfying when Red Foxx shows what the news would be like if your batshit-insane older brother locked himself inside the Audio/Visual studio;

Learn Something gives all of you ass-kissing teacher’s pets the sheer essentials on subjects like the United Nations and the conflict in Afghanistan in a cram-session setting so you’ll be ready to impress other jerks by morning;

And finally, there’s our personal favorite segment, Pet of the Week, where Globaloop staff highlights one precious lil’ beast currently residing at The Animal Rescue League of Boston just waiting for a loving owner to bring it home.

Check out the last week’s Globaloop episode above, as host Dina brings you up to speed on the same-sex marriage debate, and the latest Pet of the Week below with future best friend Lucky Roy… dude loves treats. Awesome.



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