DJ Kentaro’s ‘The Private’ Nixon Watch

kentaro_nixon_watch_12002 Technics DMC World DJ Champ DJ Kentaro and Nixon Watches have teamed up to put out a custom edition of the minimalist ‘The Private’ wristwatch. Kentaro’s picked some bold colors here but none of them look out of place. The bright colors on the face compliment the arms really well and the bright yellow crown is a great touch. The special edition watch is available online through Samurai Magazine.

One comment

  1. DJ Kentaro”s time tickers are a favorite of YUNG RO’s and its not because of their cultural similarities. Japan is known for its fashion sense and most entertainers must be on top of their game. YUNG RO is definitely in the big leagues when it comes to that. His current single Fresha den A Mall is being considered for many endoresments. It has marketability just like its creator. YUNG RO takes pride in his diverse look it places him in a arena by itself.

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