Devendra Banhart in the Rainbow House

This gorgeous film by photographer Lisa Eisner for Oliver Peoples stars psych-folk music hero Devendra Banhart and his real-life girlfriend Rebecca Schwartz. The film features eyewear from Oliver Peoples’ current collection and is part of the brand’s advertising campaign for 2011.

Stylistically, the film pays homage to French New Wave screen classics like Contempt and Une Femme Mariée which often featured real-life couples frolicking stylishly amongst shag carpets and mid-century architecture. Director Lisa Eisner wanted to cast a real couple in order to create a genuine on-screen intimacy and tenderness. Banhart and Schwartz appear totally at ease as they lounge and bathe surrounded by the stunning architecture of Rainbow House, John Lautner’s 1961 Los Angeles Masterpiece.

In the background, the light and romantic melody of Banhart’s lovesong “Brindo” (from 2009’s What Will We Be) sets the mood. It’s is an endearing fusion of art and advertising, dripping with style and sexiness. Check it out below.

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