Co-Op Shop Launched Recently


Check out the latest in the online shopping business, Co-Op Shop, which launched recently. What is Co-Op you ask? Simply put, its a collective of progressive clothing labels branded together to create an online shopping hub that features nothing but product – by the brands, for the people. To make the experience as user-friendly as possible, each featured item links directly to its associated brand web shop. No middle-man, just great brands at extremely good prices.

Brands included range from 9 Grand and Banditism (123 Klan) to BeanDip, Blood Bath and Buddhapparel. CLOUT, Fully Laced, GOLD COIN, Paper Root, Penant Race and The Freshness are also in there and word is, more are to come. In order to keep customers informed, a weekly newsletter will be posted with details on new and sale items, and occasionally a bonus product codes will be provided as extra incentive. So what are you waiting for, sign-up today and get into the swing of things.

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