Concrete Hermit x Tate Modern


East London indie art gallery, Concrete Hermit, was recently approached by the renowned Tate Modern, and asked to curate an upcoming show on their behalf. Exclusive books, prints and tees (featured below) have been produced for the occasion.

The three artists involved Anthony Burrill, Ian Stevenson and Andrew Rae have all collaborated with Concrete Hermit before. Each have different and remarkable styles that exist somewhere between graphic design, art and illustration. Burril has worked with clients such as, Sony Playstation, Kessels Kramer, Air, and Kraftwerk. While Stevenson has worked with Selfridges and MTV, Rae might be remembered for the off-beat, satirical BBC animation series, ‘Monkey Dust’.

If you live in the East end, and are just getting off work, you can pop on over to the gallery at 5a Club Row, where a book signing is just about to start, running from 5:30 – 6:30 pm.

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