Cerasoli Gallery Presents David O’Brien and Topher Chin

From March 14th to April 15th, Culver City, CA’s Cerasoli Gallery is hosting two bold and unique exhibitions from David O’Brien and Topher Chin. Both exhibitions are abstract, but that’s about all that they have in common. O’Brien’s ‘Explosions in a Mental Sky’ work is profoundly influenced by his backround in architecture, looking angular and stark (pictured to the left). Still, despite the seeming sterility of his chosen style, O’Brien’s paintings explode with solid colours, and the patterns evidenced in his painting are decidedly quite natural (resembling stalagmites, clouded skies – choose your interpretation). Chin’s ‘Double Dip’ offerings are decidedly LSD-influenced, and are almost kaleidoscopic; they’re simultaneously inspired, dense, and entertaining. Don’t sleep on this one, Californians!

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