Carhartt x Eric Adorn Tees

Carhartt are one of the finest labels around in streetwear, and they’ve only furthered their reputation with their latest collaboration with respected graphic designer Eric Adorn. He’s worked with a laundry list of high-profile clients, such as Nike, Panasonic, Supreme, Stussy, he’s now lent his creative vision to Carhartt’s soon-iconic logo. He’s made a controlled-yet-stringy mess on a few of these tees – almost rendering their logo indistinguishable in some. If you’d like one of these beautiful tees, hit up Carhartt’s store!

Mark Teo

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  1. where can i find the white carhartt shirt with the pills all over it??
    or the very least what is it called?

  2. Moritz Schuermann says:

    Hey ‘B’,
    The shirt is called ‘Run-For-Your-Life’. Google it and I’m sure you will find a good store in your home country. If not, just get back at us and we will send you a list with retailers…

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