Carhartt Japan 2007 Fall/Winter

Carhartt Japan 2007 Fall/Winter

Round here in Buffalo NY, Carhartt jackets paired with a skully and Timbs was the official hood outfit. But over in Japan they’ve always appreciated the other facets of the brands identity which has included jeans, backpacks, messenger bags, and countless other accessories. The Fall/Winter collection is looking pretty strong which is what we expect from the powerhouse work mans brand.

Info.Image: Hypebeast

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  1. This shit comes outta buffalo? Well slap my ass and call me susan!

    I had no idea. Or maybe it’s just Jason who comes outta Buffalo…I have no clue, clearly. Either way, woo! Western NY represent! Looking forward to the feet upon feet of snowfall? It’ll beat the goddamn summer, that’s for sure.

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