Boogie “Sao Paulo” Skate Deck & Book

Boogie “Sao Paulo” Skate Deck & Book

Serbian street photographer, Boogie, has released a skate deck and corresponding book aptly entitled Sao Paulo. Both the skate deck and the book feature his remarkable impressions from Sao Paulo, one of Brazil’s poorest and most troubled urban metropolises. Boogie’s photography gracefully integrates his book and skate deck with a documentarian’s eye and a finely honed artistic sensibility. The Sao Paulo skate deck and book retail for $90 and $20, respectively, and are available for purchase at Upper Playground’s online store and at Upper Playground retail stores.

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  1. I guess he was talking about poverty in another way. Btw, São Paulo is one of the biggest and richest cities in the world, indeed. And yes, i live in there! :D

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