Black Acid Co-Op Installation Exhibition


Playing on themes of modern alchemy, ritual, and psychosis, Deitch Projects presents the collaboration of artists Justin Lowe and Jonah Freeman under the monicker of Black Acid Co-Op on an installation exhibition. A variation on earlier versions, appropriately entitled ‘Hello Meth Lab In The Sun’ and ‘Hello Meth Lab With A View,’ the pair has set up a similar ‘meth lab’ in one of the Deitch Projects galleries. The exhibition leads you through a labyrinthine set up of rooms carved out to draw attention to sub-cultural groups and how they are situated in modern society—this one particularly to drug manufacturers and their law-evading, construct-demolishing abodes. The rooms have done away with their expected purpose; living rooms are no longer for living, and kitchens are used for a different type of ‘cooking.’ The show runs until August 15th.



Source: Supreme Management.

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