Bart Gets His Shine On

Bart & His Qees of Many Colors

With the re-birth of The Simpsons hitting the big screen this summer, along with Apu getting his cut from the operation of select Kwik-E-Mart’s around the country, did you not expect to think that Bart wouldn’t get some of his own shine in the process??  Adding to the craze, he has extended 10 inches of himself in the form of a D.I.Y. Platform Qee to be customized and molded by the likes of some of the world’s most notable pop culture artists, designers, and illustrators.

Set to make his first appearance in LA on August 1, anticipate about 50 resemblances of Bart to hit up major cities including New York, Chi Town, & Dallas.  Meltdown Comics hosts this traveling venue as well as props going out to the creators of Bart’s cloning canvas, Toy2R & Diamond Comics.  So if your city gets bum rushed by Bart and his entourage, be sure to complete the whole Simpson experience by checking this one out.

Info.Image: Hypebeast

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