Backstory: Noah “40” Shebib

GQ published an article earlier this morning on the background between Drake and his longtime friend / producer / engineer Noah “40” Shebib. If you’ve been following Drake’s career since the beginning, you’ve got to admit that it’s pretty incredible how he went from child actor to one of hip-hop’s biggest names. With all the success he’s received since the ’09 explosion of So Far Gone, one can’t help but wonder how that mixtape that catapulted his career into the limelight took shape. My only issue with the interview between Sean Fennessey and Shebib is that Fennessey claims that Drake is absent from “Bria’s Interlude,” which is false. Anyone who’s listened to the track can distinctively tell the difference between Omarion’s falsetto on the first verse and Drake’s on the second.

Full interview here.

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