Art by Pro-Snowboarder- TJ Schneider

Art by Pro-Snowboarder- TJ Schneider

Anyone who is remotely interested in keeping up with snowboard culture has most likely heard TJ Schneider’s name tossed around in a conversation or two. TJ is known for his bad ass moves on the mountain and has been featured in snowboarding films like, Seven Sunny Days. Although, lately TJ has been talking about his love of creating art, as opposed to his latest boarding project. In a recent interview with Hybrid Sessions, TJ revealed how he often paints and draws what ever he is feeling at that moment and he even has his pieces for sale on his site. Show some love and check out all his work. Everyone needs a hobby for off-season…right?

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  1. Hey I just came across this… Just wanted to say thanks for posting it and for the link back to HS, I appreciate it!

    I’m stoked on the mag also!

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