Andre Ethier ‘Heading South’ Exhibit @ Derek Eller Gallery


Currently, Toronto’s Andre Ethier might be one of most acclaimed musicians in Canada – his work with The Deadly Snakes was Polaris-nominated, and his folk-inflected solo work might even be better. But, in his other life, he’s an equally incredible artist, as well, with his fourth solo show at New York’s Derek Eller Gallery being a testament to his uncanny talent. His surreal paintings will be on display until May 16th, and they are truly stunning: using an array of techniques, they depict crossbred human-plants and nature scenes riddled with eyeballs, appendages, and cigarettes, all awash in a liberal film of psychedelia. For those in New York, don’t miss out on one of Canada’s most talented contemporary artists. More images from this exhibit here.

Image.Info: SlamxHype

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