ALIFE for Reebok Collection

ALIFE for Reebok Collection

ALIFE has teamed up with the footwear veterans at Reebok to create a series of sneakers that intertwines ALIFE’s flash, with Reebok’s sensible features. The men’s pack feature the Reebok ERS 5000, which was originally introduced in 1993. This time around, the sneakers are available in a White/Yellow, Grey/Blue, and Black/Red colorways and come with three additional sets of laces. The all canvas uppers feature a DuPont technology with a Teflon coating, making them stain and water resistant –a wet dream for any sneakerhead.

The ALIFE x Reebok collection will be available this Saturday, July 12th exclusively at ALIFE NYC, ALIFE LA, ALIFE Vancouver, and ALIFE Tokyo, with a general release to select retailers globally on July 19th. The ALIFE flagship boutiques will also be carrying limited edition t-shirts for the July 12th release.

Info. Image: ALIFE NYC

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