The Airplane Boys “Where’ve You Been”

Toronto duo The Airplane Boys have just dropped a mixtape, Where’ve You Been. It utilizes a mixture of synths and experimental drum patterns to forge a new sound, a cross between trip-hop and urban. My personal comparison would be Kanye meets the Foreign Exchange, but that’s being totally reductive. Best to take it from the creators themselves, Bon Voyage and Beck Motley:

“Where’ve You Been is a statement, not a question. We are on a path of self-discovery, and this mixtape speaks to the ride we’ve been on and the lessons we’ve learned,” explains Beck Motley on his inspiration for the mixtape. Bon Voyage continues, “…everybody searches for themselves, we just want people to listen and hopefully relate to the journey we’re on. We hope our supporters will find something in our music that makes them feel, without questions.”

See their official music clip “Born to Be” (above), which samples Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs.” Download the entire mixtape free here.




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