Agan Harahap ‘Super Hero’ Photography

Agan Harahap: Super Hero Photography

Born in 1980 photographer and illustrator Agan Harahap from Jakarta, Indonesia, currently works for music magazine TRAX. His latest photography project called ‘Super Hero’ consists of memorable political and wartime scenes from the mid-20th century featuring beloved superheros like Spiderman or Batman in some interesting and funny positions – true juxtaposition in effect. It’s fun to see Superman standing in the Neuschwanstein Castle.

Moritz Schuermann

Moritz Schuermann

Moritz Schuermann

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  1. It’s an interesting idea, and the Photoshop is very good, but the heroes are kind of just… there. They’re not interacting and there’s no clear purpose behind their presence in the scenes.

  2. So he took already-taken pics of superheroes and superimposed them on already taken historical pics…I don’t see how this is art, or intelligent. Kids do this in high school.

  3. Moritz Schuermann says:

    Actually we didn’t post that stuff because we think it’s high end art. We posted it because it’s cool to look at. So, if it’s art or not, it’s a funny idea…

    And nevertheless, dont forget:

  4. I thought Batman fought AGAINST thugs. Unless he’s about to deliver a well deserved beatdown to Castro.

  5. Personally I think the hulk photo is the best, the hulk doesn’t seem too superimposed and the scene make you think that it was his fault

  6. I really like the Hulk and Superman pics, but the others seem out of place of poorly realised. A more realistic tone to these pictures would have been more successful.

    Real war photography or publicity /propaganda photography with superheroes superimposed.

  7. This is utterly offensive and disrespectful. To think of the deaths, casualties and suffering that these human conflicts caused as a trivial matter is appalling, and I think the ‘artist’ should be ashamed of himself.

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