The Affair ‘Aeons’ and ‘WE’ Tees


There are plenty of labels that count horror as one of their influences. And while campy horror flicks tend to get a lot of press, The Affair are doing things a little differently. Instead of focusing on all things kitschy, they’ve taken their influence from dystopian literature. And they’ve chosen some of the best: the Aeons shirt is based on arctic sci-fi terror luminary H.P. Lovecraft, namely ‘The Call of Cthulu.’ The WE designs, on the other hand, is based on Yevgeny Zamyatin‘s work of the same name. Both are excellent designs, and certainly a fresh perspective to horror-themed apparel. Expect to see them designs based on Huxley and Orwell in the future (our request: do a Harrison Bergeron design!); check out their goods right here.

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