The Last Advertising Agency On Earth

FITC along with Saatchi & Saatchi Canada, Lunch and Tool developed this great video that questions the future of advertising – The Last Advertising Agency on Earth is a film is about what might happen if agencies don’t truly embrace the power of digital to reach consumers and build brands in new, exciting ways. Food for thought…

Nick Hanekom

Nick Hanekom

Nick Hanekom

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  1. The advertising industry does not need advice on how to reach people. THey infect all facets of our lives already. Go die in a fire.

  2. and you guys didn’t notice the frilly panties nailed to the wall in the same scene as the hookah?

  3. That was definitely a bong, there was a bowl in the front and you can see the down stem. Those things that looked like hoses were just decoration on the bong.

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