Adidas Phantom II Boston Celtics Edition

Adidas Phantom II Boston Celtics Edition 1

Good times for Boston Celtics fans, and we’re not just talking about this new edition of the Adidas Phantom II in Celtics green. Boston’s at the top of the East, and the addition of Rasheed Wallace to Boston’s big 3, and the emergence of Kendrik Perkins has brought the team nothing but success. No question this year that this team is going to go deep into the playoffs, so show your Celtic pride with these new Adidas Phantom IIs. The shoe drops soon at Boston area retailers, with a signed basketball from Kendrik Perkins.

Source: Nice Kicks

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  1. Danniell Walters says:

    Okay i really really would like to know how i can get a pair of these shoes or maybe two, but i cant figure out how to order these, because every website keeps sending me off.. so somebody please let me know… i have been a celtics ride or die fan for over 13 + years. thanks muaxx!!! Danniell!

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