Adidas ACU ZX 800

Adidas ACU ZX 800

Detail.  Today’s sneaker world is a lot like fast food… it lacks the attention to detail and care that was once a standard to its industry.  So to get your detail, you have to look for the extreme collaborations, such as this, to find it.  What you see here is an Adidas ZX800, co branded with ACU/Clot inc.  The Chinese boutique left no panel unturned on this red suede/silk model.  Gold lace tips, wooden lace jewel, “hologram”-like tongue tags (the logos switch depending on viewing angle), and lots of embossing make this truly a detail masterpiece.  Be on the lookout for these, as they will be available in extremely low numbers… and probably in smaller sizes.

Info.Image:  Crooked Tounges

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