From the streets of Marte, Italy, there lies a family making moves that have brought them closer together rather than further apart. This family consists of two individuals breaking open a whole new genre of Fashion. This family is the VNGRD family.

The infamous VNGRD family has contributed something off the wall not only Italys’ traditional world of high fashion, they’ve turned heads for streetwear enthusiasts worldwide. With an array of clothing ranging from quirky logos to garments reassuring that being playful with fashion is more than acceptable, VNGRD has established that having fun is without a doubt necessary.

With trendsetters constantly making waves, popping and dropping ideas like a bad habit, one might have to wonder whether it could all just be hype or not; however with VNGRD, it’s a completely different story.

Doing what they love for no one but themselves, and being exceptionally well at doing so, the duo have proven that “high fashion” isn’t the only fashion to make it big in Europe’s fashion capital. Think of them as being the one kid in school that didn’t give a care in the world what they looked like in the school yard, flipping others the bird when they get snubbed for being different and giving off lots of character.


Format: In one sentence, describe what the VNGRD family is all about?
VNGRD: Being Italians.

Format: Who are the members of the VNGRD family? How long have you been friends?
VNGRD: VNGRD is made from two people. Then our extended family is made from the people we’ve been knowing for years and who make the same things we do, from clothing to photography to partying.

Format: What’s inspired you to pursue VNGRD?
VNGRD: Making clothes we wanted to put on ourselves.

Format: Every line has a distinct look and story behind it; what’s VNGRDs’?
VNGRD: It’s not what’s behind us, it’s what’s in front of us. We use Vanguard for that reason, for the future is ours.

Format: What’s the difference between the kind of attention you’ve been receiving from North America and Italy?
VNGRD: The market over here is kind of different. We are inspired from US “street” labels and we think we make something more similar to that kind of clothing. We are amongst the first here in Italy doing something like that, so we’re more of an unknown object for the Italian fashion market.


Format: Is there any piece in your collection that you love the most? Why?
VNGRD: Our leather jacket. It’s so soft we like to sleep in it. Also, it’s so expensive nobody except us currently has it. And we even haven’t showed it.

Format: Is there anything VNGRD refuses to do, as far as fashion is concerned?
VNGRD: Something sexual.

Format: In North America, and other parts of the world, Halloween is celebrated, and like any other holiday, has become a concoction of silly yet witty costumes. Do you have anything similar to this in Italy?
VNGRD: Well it’s not that we have anything similar to Halloween, it’s that U.S.A. ripped off from our 1000-years old traditions. We have the Carnival and our masquerades have been there for 300 years.

Format: What can we expect from VNGRD in the New Year? Any collaborations with any other clothing lines?
VNGRD: We just made a collaboration with Tracy Funches and his Pimpnosis book inspired line and we’re rolling out two really big collabos. Also, we’re trying to move from tees only to some more complete collections.

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