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2007 was a very interesting years for us so called sneakerheads. Damn I hate that word. We saw Nike use the power of the force to the fullest! From visible air in the heel, real anaconda and croc, an incredible array of colors, old six, new six, Nike ID was beyond impressive, it was fucking jaw dropping. Nike basketball never let the ball get deflated and Jordan brand brought back some old favorites.

But enough of the brands, here are my Top 10 for 2007 in no particular order of course. And, of course, so there is no misrepresentation, these are my top ten picks and not that of FLIGHT CLUB. Get ready for the my best of 07, and let’s see if the oh eight can hold the weight.

I’ma keep it light and start off easy…


Air Foamposite one-dark neon royal/white-black a.k.a. the “Penny Foams,” a crowd favorite. This shoe is historic in itself, originally introduced in 1997, during Penny’s prime, this was, and still is, most peoples favorite b-ball shoe of all time. It took Nike 10 years to realize how bad people wanted this shoe again. I mean, it retailed for 200 bucks and immediately after it was fetching upwards of 325, easy!

This shoe has got to be one of the stiffest and toughest shoes in the history of shoes, but it’s also indestructible! The soles could wear out to the point where you can see the color of your socks and the foamposite part of the shoe would still be as crispy as ever! Definitely one of the best shoes of 2007. Thank you Nike for bringing back a classic in its true and original foam, oops I mean form.


Next up, I think it’s a hands down when you think of this shoe. People have mixed feelings about the Spiz’ike but no one can deny, argue or what have you that the O.G. colorway “white/cement grey-black” is definitely the best shoe to date in the Spiz’ike catalogue. This true really captures the essence of the white/black AJ4’s in the Spiz’ike.

As some of you may know, I’m very adamant about the black/cement gray AJ4 being my favorite shoe but the white/black is definitely my number two, and for Jordan brand to bring back the O.G. colorway on the Spiz’ike made it an all time favorite for me.


I’ma keep it in sync and just say that the Air Jordan 3 retro ls – silver/sport red-light graphite-orange peel a.k.a the “Cool Grey 3’s” release date 2/24/2007, to me is probably one of the best Jordan 3’s since the black cements from 2001. I know, I know, it’s a bold statement but it’s my top ten. No lie, I copped three pairs of the Cool Grey 3’s.

They look super dope with any pair of jeans, well maybe not any pair of jeans. There are definitely some people out there that should be shopping for jeans instead of new kicks and shit. No seriously, skin tight jeans are not the move people! Unless you a chick with an ass so fat you can see it from the front. Back to the AJ3, definitely a keeper in my book, a classic in the years to come.

Now it gets a little tougher for me, I mean do I stay on jays for days? Can I venture off a little bit and come back to a few others? Let me add a few notables…


The IRAK 2007 and IRAK 2008 Adidas RMX Equipment Sport Runner. Yes, both colorways! Have any of you ever wore a pair of RMX sport runners before? Or torsions? This is hands down one of the best fitting shoes out in the market! So fuckin comfortable it’s retarded! I mean, I’m getting old people and I need a pair of comfortable shoes that look dope, rep the streets and keep me on the go incase the po po is hot on chase, just kidding.

Anyway, we’ve seen a lot of brands do collabos with graf artists before. Nike and Stash is definitely worth mentioning, Futura, Espo, Adidas and Lee Quinones, Claw, Kaws, and of course the immortal Eric Haze, but when have you seen a brand do a collabo with a crew that stands firmly on the motto “shoplifting is not a crime.” History in the making people! Wake the fuck up! The only strange thing was that Adidas decided to release the 2007 and 2008 colorways together, in limited quantities of course, but strange nonetheless. Cop that shoe if you have the opportunity and tell me it ain’t dope! “IRAK THEREFORE I AM ”


Next up, I’m gonna be honest, the Nike what the dunk was and is a dope shoe. Yea yea yea, say what you want, but you can’t deny that the concept of taking 33 pairs from the past six years of Nike SN and putting it into one shoe was amazing! There was a lot of hype, kids went crazy, missed out on school, fought with their oldest and dearest of friends over a pair of the ugliest looking shoes ever! Now I ain’t say it was a hot looking shoe, I said the concept is amazing and one for the history books.

May I also add that the retail price stated on the box was only $120.00 and this shoe easily fetches $1200 on the low end? Value doesn’t make a shoe a top ten, unless we’re talkin about top ten sellers, which we are not; I just wanted to add the MSRP for those if you that didn’t know and copped it at your neighborhood skate shop for upwards of $400 when these people paid the cost price of around $67 bucks. Grimy!


We’ll keep it in the fam and add the Nike Dunk High SB Premium – black/black-midnight fog, better known as the “MF Doom.” Now to some, it’s just another dunk, but it took a lot of time and effort for Frenel Morris to get this shoe done, and I might add that he did a superb job. It’s the simplest of colorways—black, grey, silver and red laces—but put together it’s an awesome fuckin shoe! No doubt this shoe will be one slated for holy grail status to some in years to come.

It’s getting hard to narrow this down to just ten shoes people! I mean, it isn’t fair man, I copped more than 10 pairs a month this past year. (okay, okay some were to resell, a dude gotta support his habit man) but to narrow it down to ten pairs is hard for me. I’ma try to slide a pack or two on here…


Hate it or love it., I loved them all: Air Force 1 Supreme 07 Canvas are definitely a top ten pick in my book. All so comfortable, waxed laces, invisible seams, inside out soles, classic colors! Dayum! All five colors too. The Courir Air Force 1 is my favorite Air Force 1 of all time, and for them to emulate it in canvas was just a super duper treat for me! Thanks Nike! Not thanking them for the shoe, just for making it, because this pack did set me back a few hundred.


Since I’m talking Air Force 1’s, I have to add the best Air Force Ones of 2007. Hmmm, let’s see, he’s a streetball legend, on-air personality, author, photographer, DJ, sneaker history expert, an incredible dude if you get the chance to meet and talk with him – no not me silly. My good friend Robert ” Bobbito ” Garcia. And how could we mention the top ten without adding the two best Air Force 1 Highs of 2007- the Mac and Cheese and the Beef and Broccoli’s! My dude Bobbito represented NYC to the fullest – love of basketball, love of music.

He took the immortal Timberland Beef and Brocc’s and made them into Air Force 1 Highs! Then he flipped the script and took it to the next level and reinvented the Air Force 1 Mid Flax’s and called it the Mac n Cheese! Come on people, if you disagree with me for whatever reason like, “I hate highs, I never wore timbs, I’m not from NYC, I don’t play ball, I listen to metal,” or you’re just out of touch with the history of the streets of NYC, you can not deny that these two Air Force 1 Highs have made their way into the 1thology of Air Forces for years to come. You still got a chance to cop so don’t sleep.


Now to jump off the grid for a sec, let’s talk about the not so popular brand Asics. Some of you never wore Asics, never will or never even heard of the brand, but if you’re into shoes then you definitely heard of the PATTA X ASICS Gel Lyte 3. This was one of the most highly anticipated non Nike releases of 2007 and without a doubt one of the best!

The guys over at PATTA in Amsterdam outdid themselves on this one. Sure, they did the Homegrown Air Max 90’s (another classic) but for the release of this shoe they went all out. There were commercials on YouTube , super duper hype surrounding the release date, a dope bag, t-shirts, a trainspotter jacket that never made it to production, a lottery. For this to have been an Asics and make this much noise was beyond comprehension. The shoes are so so dope, really comfortable and definite neck breakers.


I don’t remember if this was early 2007 or late 2006 but the Bonnie and Clyde Puma Pack was a no brainer for me. The concept, simplicity in colorways, novelty moneybag in the box was what did it for me people. Puma Clydes are immortal in themselves and the Bonnie and Clyde pack was a prime example that shoes do not have to be tech’d out or over saturated with colors to stand out above the rest. I’m pretty sure this shoe released sometime in late November or early December, but to me it was a 2007 shoe all the way.


So there you have it, a top ten pick from yours truly Chris Vidal aka that guy from Flight Club. Now we all have the right to choose and pick our own top ten and your picks may differ from mine, but that’s what makes it so great ya heard. Imagine we all had the same favorite top ten? Damn that would suck! Enjoy it people, and much love in the eight to all of ya’ll straight from the 718.

Chris Vidal

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  1. I gotta admit on the foams and the rest..of the sneaker lines are the top 10 of 07’…way to go ‘CHRIS’

  2. yo son i lyk ur picks on da cool grey 3’s, spikes, mf doom’s, and bobitto’s , and i think da ur 4sho A FAT FUCK DAT CANT ROCK SKINNY’S SO SUCK A DICK BITCH

  3. soledoutbeast says:

    great selections, but felt like it missed a lil sumthin. Styll, 20x way better than Wale’s top 10 list

  4. thanks for the comments peoples….just remember that theres no particular order in my top ten….penny’s aint number 1 and pumas aint number 10! its just random order….to me thay all number 1’s and 10’s..peace

  5. Do you know where I can find a list of good online stores to buy the white/cement grey-blank spi’zikes? Thanks for any help.

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