Top 10 Sneakers of 2007 – Wale


1. Nike Air Foamposite One (aka Penny Foams)
To me, and probably all of DC/MD/VA, this is the best pair of kicks released this year, period. From the icey gum bottoms to the original Penny logo being used, this is an overall classic shoe and one of the better retro’s Nike has ever released. They are an all-around durable shoe (I still have my OG’s from 10 years ago and they look great), the Zoom Air sole is very comfortable, and you can rock them as a fashion statement or to ball. They win best shoe of the year!


2. Nike Air Max CB34 (aka Sir Charles)
These are a close second for the simple fact that the retro matched up perfectly wit the OG! I loved the OG’s back when they dropped but I was too young to fully enjoy them. Nike sent me a few pairs and you best believe they will be getting a lot of burn in 2008.


3. Nike Air Max Goadome (Wale edition)
These are 1 of 1, though I got a seamless version of an AM 90 Boot with the Wale logo, but nothing beats the Air Max Goadome. This shoe is a DC staple and with the Wale lace logo they become a DC classic. Nike was nice enough to bless me with a few pairs, hopefully they will be commercially released in 2008.


4. Nike Air Trainer TW II Supreme (aka Supreme Trainers)
Supreme always comes correct with their collabs. I’m a sucker for trainers, especially the old Bo Jacksons so I was loving this particular collabo. The red and black colorway gets too sick.


5. Nike Air Force 1 Hi premium Bobbito red (aka Bobbito Air Force)
The quality on these is unmatched. From the crackle and quilted leather to the gum sole, this is an amazing all around shoe. I’m not even an Air Force 1 type-guy, but Bobbito is definitely slamming with these, not janking.


6. Nike Air Jordan III (fire red)
I felt like I was waiting for this shoe for an eternity. Nothing beats the OG colorways, but this is a very clean retro. The only complaint I have on this shoe is the elephant print was too dark.


7. Nike Air Jordan VIII (Aquas)
Another great Jordan retro. The nubuck takes you back to the early 90s and the colorway is just the icing on the cake. While streetwear brands were scrambling to make apparel with this kind of flare and these colors, we have to remember that Jordan brand was doing this almost 15 years ago. I got mine from Jordan Brand a few months before they came out and with the matching shorts. That was my NY-in-July uniform.


8. New Balance 992’s (grey)
This is the everyman shoe. In that, every man should have a pair. It’s pure comfort. Perfect for those days when you just wanna throw a nice, clean comfortable shoe on with no nonsense. These are another DC classic.


9. Nike Air Jordan Spizike (black/green/red aka Gucci Spizikes)
Gucci is one of my favorite high end brands and I’m a sucker for anything they make with their green/red ribbon. When this Spizike dropped, I was all over them. Unfortunately they got completely ruined at the Glastonbury festival in England over the summer. We got caught in torrential downpour and flooding and they were destroyed. If anyone has an extra size 9 to spare, holler at my manager


10. Nike Air Jordan 1 Old Love New Love (beginning moments package)
Last but not least was the old love new love package. I thought the black/yellow colorway was amazing because it was something fresh and new. Definitely have to rock them with black laces. The black toe is crucial too. Been waiting since like 94 for a pair.

Honestly though, I feel as if 2007 was a slow year for kicks. I definitely expected a little more from Nike with the whole AF1 25th anniversary. But 2008 is going to be a tough year for the pockets with all the Flight 1 retros and the Flight 95’s (I can’t wait for the white/grey/black carbon fiber colorway). Then you got the Penn 2’s and the Pippen 1’s dropping. I can’t wait for all the kicks to come in 2008.


Wale is a hip-hop artist out of Washington D.C. well-known for his fusing of rap and go-go music. Collaborations in 2007 with Lily Allen and Mark Ronson, as well as co-signs by XXL, The Source, and URB, have put Wale in the public consciousness this year.

See our interview with Wale here.


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  1. yessir!

    i can dig all these shoes, but my favorite has to go the Nike Air Jordan VIII (Aquas) mainly cuz the colorway was too sick.

    The Goadomes are always a staple in my collection!

    btw 100 Miles & Running was too sick!

    DMV stand up!!!!!


  2. Interesting top 10 considering all the Dopeness that dropped this year. I see that most of your top 10 consists of Retros with the exception of the Goadome boots. This goes to show you that most shoe companies are not putting out new Hotness. Most of the stuff being released are re-releases. What gives??

  3. cmon son you forgot about the bakins and the 96 flights!! and the playoff 8’s was aight too, nike did mess up a bunch of the retros i.e agassi’s, 07 wasnt that slow of a yr. cant wait for all the JB packages as well as the ones you mentioned tho.

  4. Wale keep up what you doin. I just got me them CB34’s a lil’ while ago, and I’m thinking of gettin some of those trainers, cuz I already had some some Bo Jackson’s (Trainer III’s) and they was ill.

  5. WALE def got the ‘look’ for DC. Always rockin’ the Foams, New Balance and Goadomes. All yr. The Bakins were a huge summer release and the Jordan 8s were too. But for DC the DC Brand skate shoe has made a ferocious comeback since the Wisc Ave days at Eastcoast Boards in Gtown. And the Nike Dunk is a staple once again for the collectors and casual fans alike. Shout Out to Major, Commonwealth, Kickballers, and Eliteboardshop for putting the D.M.V. in the sneaker conversation.

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