Top 10 Kazbah Brands of 2007


We sell over 40 brands on the Kazbah, so without playing favorites how do I choose 10? I decided to take the top 10 selling brands of 2007. (They’re in alphabetical order)


Details, details, details. That’s how I would sum up the brand 9Grand. Not content with screenprinted tees on blanks, 9Grand’s entire line is cut and sew. That includes jackets, denim, tees and sweatshirts. All of it sold, a lot, in ’07.


Bean Dip
One of the founders, James, was the first person from a Kazbah brand to tell me “I’ve quit my job because we’re doing so much business on the Kazbah.” That’s what the Kazbah is all about, giving new brands the exposure they need to make their living selling clothing. Bean Dip started out screen printing tees out of their garage and now have an office, a full line and New Era hats that just dropped.


Dunkin’ Donuts…Dunks n’ Jordans. It’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” tees. Capital is glad that you didn’t because it is still selling crazy, even though it debuted six months ago. That tee and a steady amount of fresh bandanas kept Capital going in ’07.


Gold Coin
What I respect about Gold Coin is the fact that every t-shirt design and garment design comes directly from their founder, Ray Robinson. Ray hand-draws each graphic (you can see the KarmaloopTV video displaying this here). People are feeling it considering Gold Coin launched its first season on the Kazbah less than a year ago, and they get requests for sold out items all the time.


Greedy Genius
Greedy Genius represents what’s next in sneakers, while the Kazbah represents what’s next in fashion. It’s nearly impossible for a start up sneaker brand to make its mark in the game. Greedy Genius has done just that.


IM King
With one ill cut-and-sew piece (The Breakers Jacket) and a whole slew of tees to back it up, IM King has made an impression in its first full year. The right people are taking notice, too. This month, Complex Magazine features Lupe Fiasco rocking IM King’s newest cut-and-sew piece, the “King Me” Flannel.


A lot of brands only worry about creating styles for men, but Jeepney doesn’t ignore the ladies. Jeepney constantly creates new designs and new colorways with their tees for both men and women. How can a brand that is run by guys named Karlo and Rex not keep it fresh? In 2008, be on the lookout for Jeepney’s new cut-and-sew line.


Kiser Barnes (founder of Kiser) is as much of an artist as he is a brand owner. Fortunately for Karmaloop, he melds those things together well. There’s no better way to sum up his brand than a quote from Kiser’s bio: “People are not one dimensional and KISER as a brand is no different.”


Methods NYC
These cats know how to promote. Hit up a Methods NYC party and you’ll feel me. Dope designs, relationships with music artists and promotion is why they killed it in ’07. With their ever-expanding line of tees (and with their cut-and-sew line on the way), Methods reps NYC strong.


Soulful Commandoe
While many of the brands on the Kazbah predominately feature tees, Soulful Commandoe brings fire with their hoodies. You’d think an upstart brand would worry about taking chances by investing a lot of dough in hoodies that are as different as Soulful Commandoe’s. They didn’t and and it paid off. Their hoodies were eaten up by Kazbah customers.


This list was compiled and written by Blake Ricciardi, manager of the Kazbah, Karmaloop’s webstore for independent and upcoming brands.

Read our interview with Blake here.

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  1. Word to the wise Blake, thanks for the article, loving the urban fashion movement your company is supporting. Ima young dude from Africa, and i am trying to start a t-shirt company. How can i advertise or get on Kazbah or Karmaloop, i have seen that its the best way to get out there especially to the crowd thats knowledgable.
    Hola at the boy on

  2. i always hated those play on marketing logos… ever since the weed adidas to the TIDE whatevers… bah. waaaaaak.

    soulful commandoe is pretty nice tho.

  3. Thats whats up! Gotta get that 9 Grand and Soulful Commandoe in Jump Street and THE SHOP a.s.a.p. !

    See everybody @ MAGIC

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